I was born in Shropshire, grew up on a farm and was educated in the depths of North Wales. I gained my Ceramics degree at Cardiff College of Art in 1975 and finished my Teaching Certificate in 1982 at The South Glamorgan Institute.

Ceramics first attracted me as a spring chicken after digging up clay and building a fire to cook my work. I have never lost the fascination of creating something impermeable from a completely raw material.

I have always been a maker, at different levels depending on family and teaching commitments. I have taught art and pottery in junior schools in and around Bristol. I now have a new studio outside Usk with magnificent views over the hills.

My work is all individually hand-built using red earthenware clay. I find this has a lovely feel to it and suits my method of working. A slip wash is added and settles in and around the imagery and textures highlighting the details. This clean uncluttered way of working is ideal for expressing my interpretation of the countryside.

Quirkiness, humour and fun are what I hope you will also find in my work. If I can make someone smile, that's great !
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